Birthday Party Yacht Rental Dubai

Birthdays are special events and worth experiencing in luxury. Make your birthday as special as you are by considering a birthday yacht rental in Dubai. 

Luxury Yacht

Water, Ice Drinks

Multiple Food Menus


Soft Drinks (Unlimited)

E–Grill (Upon Request)

Birthday Cake (Upon Request)

Inbuilt music system

Luxury Yacht

Water, Ice Drinks

Birthday Cake

Inbuilt music system

Multiple Food Menus

Birthday Decoration

Rent Luxury Yachts for Birthdays in Dubai

Just imagine that you are enjoying your birthday with the stunning views of the Dubai coastline as you celebrate your special day in style. Your dream birthday is just a step away with a birthday party yacht rental in Dubai. You are extraordinary and your choice of birthday location should be just as special. So, choose an elegant event like never before and celebrate your birthday on the beautiful waters of Dubai. With our exclusive and private yachts, you can plan the event of a lifetime, from intimate gatherings to Big parties celebrate your birthday in an elegant and fancy manner. Create unforgettable memories on your special day with our yachts that offer the perfect background to stun your guests with an unparalleled experience.

Why We’re the Top Choice for Birthday Yacht Parties

DXB.Yachts is the best choice when it comes to luxury yacht rental for birthday parties in Dubai. Our yachts are perfect for you if you want to make your birthday celebration an experience of a lifetime. Set the perfect background for your birthday with the most luxurious of venues.

Every wish and fantasy of yours will be fulfilled because our team of experts is dedicated to giving you the best birthday celebration. So, rest assured that your birthday bash will be exceptional with custom menus and entertainment options. DXB.Yachts will help you create lasting memories by exceeding your expectations and giving you the best birthday ever.

With the state-of-the-art amenities that our yachts are equipped with such as comfortable and gorgeous lounging areas, beautiful and spacious decks and fully air-conditioned interiors you and your guests are sure to be comfortable throughout your celebration.

Your Ultimate Guide to Birthday Parties on a Yacht in Dubai

To make sure that your birthday celebration on a yacht in Dubai is the best choose DXB.Yachts. with the perfect blend of adventure, luxury and entertainment.

The first step is to choose the perfect crew and yacht. We maintain our yachts carefully and offer a variety of vessels for you. You can choose from our collection of intimate boats or you can choose a spacious luxury yacht. The goal is that you choose an option that suits your needs and preferences the best. Your birthday experience will be unforgettable for you and your guests because our crew members are professional and friendly and dedicated completely to provide you with an exceptional service


It is important to create the perfect guest list for your celebration. Our team make sure that your guests are taken care of and relaxed throughout the event. We also offer personalized touches such as decoration and entertainment options to make your birthday a memorable experience.

We cannot forget to select the perfect menu and beverages. Our shapes create amazing delights for you to enjoy. We take care of all your food and beverage preferences on board with efficiency and reliability.

You can experience the true beauty of the Dubai skyline on your special day. Perfect for creating memories with a beautiful backdrop. We take care of all your needs with our customizable packages. To make sure that your birthday party is unforgettable.

What You'll Experience on Your Birthday Party Yacht Rental

There is no better way to celebrate your birthday than on a yacht in Dubai. Here is what you can expect during your party yacht rental in Dubai for birthday.

Enjoy the beautiful Dubai waters and skyline while relaxing on the beautiful decks are dance underneath the stars. The party atmosphere on a birthday party yacht rental in Dubai is never dull. Your guests will have the best experiences at your birthday party yacht with a variety of activities such as swimming, tubing, or fishing. We offer all kinds of refreshments and cuisines that range from full meals to light snacks. We also offer customized catering packages and specialty birthday cakes.

Remember to keep the size of your guest list in mind when choosing a yacht. Choose the size on the basis of your guest list to make sure that your guests enjoy comfort levels and personal space. Birthday party yacht rentals in Dubai are quite popular so book your yacht birthday party in advance as availability may be limited. To make sure that your birthday party meet all expectations communicate any specific requirements or preferences early on.

Selecting the Perfect Yacht for Your Exclusive Birthday Event in Dubai

It is important to select the perfect yacht for your birthday event in Dubai. There are certain things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect yard full stop to find the best match for. To find the best match for you consider the following key factors.

The size of the vessel should depend on the size of your guest list so your guests have the right amount of space to enjoy. There are many types of vessels so choose the perfect one for you. DXB.Yachts have multiple options including motorboats, sailboats or yachts to choose from. Determine the optimal location for you (lake vs. ocean). On the basis of your requirements make sure that all the essential facilities are available such as amenities like bathroom, kitchen, seating areas. And the most important is your budget, find a yacht that is the right balance between your budget and luxury standards.

Fun Activities and Entertainment for Your Birthday Party Boat Adventure

What’s a birthday celebration without great entertainment? DXB.Yachts offers an amazing variety of fun activities and entertainment options to keep the energy high and the spirits flowing. From live music performances, DJ sets and exciting water sports activities, the entertainment never stops and with so many options there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Our team of entertainers are professional and extremely dedicated to creating an atmosphere of engagement and excitement so that your birthday party experience is unforgettable.

Delightful Food & Beverage Options

Creating the perfect party menu is an important part of your birthday celebration but before finalizing the party menu make sure that the various dietary requirements of your guests are being considered. Make sure that you choose vegetarian, gluten free as well as vegan and dairy free options for your guests to enjoy. We offered delectable orders like chicken wings and mini sandwiches as well as classics like BBQ dishes and pizzas. Choose plenty of beverage options to keep your guests hydrated with are many options that includes refreshing soft drinks, a selection of quality beer and mine and signature cocktails.

Additional Inclusions

  • Food: All packages are inclusive of food options that are affordable and customizable to fit different themes such as barbecue themes or water sports Fiesta.
  • Meeting and Pickup Information: We will take care of all your birthday party preparations. Our charter professionals and convenient pick up locations make sure that your party in Dubai is convenient to reach.
  • Cruise Route Options: Choose the best cruise route option for you with a the range of options for multiple durations that range from one hour to four hours and cover popular Dubai landmarks.
  • Additional Services: make your birthday party event even more unique by choosing add-on photography or videography services or choose custom decorations and additional party activities. Contact our professionals to confirm what you want and we will deliver

Whether you’re planning a surprise celebration for your loved ones or you’re planning a milestone birthday for yourself, DXB.Yachts is sure to give you an experience like no other. Experience true luxury and opulence and contact us today to begin planning your dream birthday party at sea!

Frequently Asked Questions

Book at least two weeks before the event to secure your preferred day and time. In case you are in need of last minutes reservation you can discuss availability by contacting us directly.

No, there are no age restrictions for birthday parties hosted by DXB.Yachts

You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks but why not take advantage of our catering options?

Birthday Yacht Rental Prices in Dubai

Yacht Name Cabin Capacity Price Per Hour Price for 4 Hours Price for Whole Day Amenities
Veronika 55 ft 2 19 AED 750 AED 3,000 AED 75,000 Air conditioning, E–Grill (upon request), Fridge, Ice, Music system, Soft drinks (unlimited)
M/Y Lana 62 ft. 3 20 AED 1,000 AED 4,000 AED 10,000 Air conditioning, E–Grill (upon request), Fridge, Ice, Music system, Soft drinks (unlimited)
MY Astra 76 ft. 3 40 AED 2,000 AED 8,000 AED 20,000 Air conditioning, E–Grill (upon request), Fridge, Ice, Music system, Soft drinks (unlimited)

Cruise Route Options for Birthday Parties

1 hour cruising route:
Dubai Marina — West Marina — Dubai Crescent — Marina Mall — Cape Tower — JBR — Blue water Island – Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

2 hour cruising route:
Dubai Marina — JBR — Blue water Island – Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel –The One and Only Hotel — Atlantis The Palm.

3 hour cruising route:
Dubai Marina — JBR — Blue water Island – Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel –The One and Only Hotel — Atlantis The Palm — Burj Al Arab

4 hour cruising route:
Dubai Marina — JBR — Blue water Island – Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel –The One and Only Hotel — Atlantis The Palm – Sheikh Island – World Island –Burj Al Arab

6 hour cruising route:
Dubai Marina — JBR — Blue water Island – Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel –The One and Only Hotel — Atlantis The Palm – Sheikh Island – World Island –Burj Al Arab – Pass through the Helix Bridge, Waterfall Bridge and Tolerance Bridge – Business Bay — View of Burj Khalifa and back to Marina

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